Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use of this Internet Website (hereinafter, “Terms and Conditions”).

The following Terms and Conditions herein are assigned the interpretations placed next to each of them.

“Website” – the Website entitled, www.ornapizanty.com

“Viewer” – a person who views, in any manner, the Website’s contents, including, at any other location thereof or any materials reproduced, quoted or cited therefrom.

“Practitioner” – anyone who performs the movements and exercises recommended in materials found in the Website.

“Injury” – any lasting alteration in a practitioner’s body, which was caused during and as a result of performing the recommended movements in materials found in the Website, which have caused him or her bodily harm which is a probable result of the movements he performed.

“Body damage” – any lasting change in a practitioner’s body that is / was caused due to such an injury (as defined above) and due to which his or her body movements are restricted and/or which causes him / her pain.

“Practice” – the manner of performing the movements, motions and exercises exactly in accordance with the instructions stated in the Website, including the pace of movement and / or their precise performance as instructed, and the like.

“VAT” – Value Added Tax (as it is in Israel)

The practices and recommendations on the Website are not a substitute for medical advice and do not purport to be medical or scientific instructions and are based on the knowledge and experience of the Website’s owners and authors, as they are listed at the Website.

The practitioner is required to listen carefully to the instructions concerning each and every exercise (practice), including the provisos and warnings given therewith regarding the manner of performing the practice and he/she should avoid any deviation from such instructions and especially avoid performing motions or movements that were not specifically recommended.   

The manner in which the movements and exercises are performed, is required to be according to the instructions on the Website, which adherence is the sole and complete responsibility of each and every practitioner.

The guidelines and instructions found in the Website are, naturally, provided to viewers or practitioners whose identity and physical and mental conditions are not known to the Website owner, management, or the contents’ authors, or the exercising facilitators, and therefore the practitioner should insure his / her personal suitability, as well as his / her individual limitations and any and all personal restrictions, in relation to the treatments or exercises offered at the Website.                                                                           

The practitioner releases the owner and management of the Website and all the Website’s designers, content writers and all other participants in its presentations of any and all claims for liability under any law and / or by virtue of any agreement (including implied agreements) for any injury and / or damage, as defined above, which may have been caused him / her as a result of conducting such exercises, practices, movements or motions in a manner that varies from the guidelines attendant the same.

A viewer who was instructed by a treating physician, at any time (past or present), to refrain from any physical activity or a from any physical activity similar to the movements, motions or exercises recommended through the Website, whether such medical recommendation was for a fixed or an indefinite period, be it due to physical injury, illness or the use of a particular drug, or any other medical reason. Such viewer must obtain medical approval before performing movements, motions or exercises in accordance with the instructions found at the Website.

It is recommended that every practitioner would perform the recommended movements found at the Website slowly and loosely, effortlessly, and while paying maximum attention to bodily sensations and the effect of the movements, motions and exercises on any painful areas of the body. It is recommended that each practitioner should perform only the recommended movements, motions and exercises found at the Website and avoid performing any different movements, motions or exercises during a given practice than those recommended by the Website. It is recommended that each practitioner stop performing an exercise if he / she feels any unfamiliar sensation and / or experiences or any additional restriction during such practice.

There is no age limit on the use of the Website’s proposed exercises.

The details of those signing up at the Website will not be accessible to any third parties whatsoever.


The approval of the transaction by the credit card company (whose card was used therefor) is a precondition for any handling of a given purchase, as would be the collection of the related payment(s) by the service provider.

A user who places an order must provide exact details (regarding payment and the means to accomplish it), which are his / hers alone and he / she may not place orders for any third party, unless expressly authorized by the Website’s management. Provision of full details, their correctness and accuracy are a prerequisite for making such a purchase. In order to ensure that the order is placed quickly, efficiently and without any hindrances, care must be taken to provide all the requisite details accurately. The details, as entered in the online registration page, as well as the transaction’s recording by the Website’s owner and / or management will constitute evidence of the validity of the action taken by the individual signing up. Entering false information is a criminal offense under applicable law and doing so is subject to legal proceedings, both criminal and civil. Completion of the purchase procedure is conditioned on the approval and verification of the transaction by sending a confirmation to the user’s e-mail within 24 hours from the date of the placing of the order. No other person may be registered without his consent and / or without his presence in front of the screen at the time of registration and after all the terms of the within Terms and Conditions have been agreed to by such person. Registration at the Website is for the personal and exclusive use of the user who is not allowed, without specific permission, to transfer the right to use the services or products to be provided as a result of the transaction to another person. There is a particular obligation, on the part of the user / subscriber in relation to the transaction, to be completely accurate in the provision of any and all personal details required for the purpose of registration and for the purpose of ongoing contact with the user / subscriber by the Website’s operator. The online registration through the Website constitutes the user’s approval and consent to the receipt of content from the Website’s management by direct mail that would be sent to the email address provided and written messages to the mobile phone provided by the user / subscriber.

The Prices Listed at the Website Include VAT, as Required by Applicable Law

Purchase is possible through a valid credit card, a valid international credit card or through a PayPal account. When ordering while using a credit card, after placing the order, the Website management will transfer the credit card details, as entered, for review and approval of a transaction by the credit provider and the order will be processed only after the approval is received from the relevant credit card company. In the event that the transaction is not approved by the credit card company, the card user will be given a appropriate notice for the purpose of securing the transaction’s approval. If the user has not acted to arrange the approval of the transaction within seven (7) days from the date of receiving the notice of non-approval of the transaction, as stated above, the Website management will consider the transaction canceled. Applicable cancellation fees will apply to the user.

The Types of Subscriptions Offered for Purchase on the Website and Their Termination

Monthly Subscription

A user / subscriber can register through the online registration page and purchase a subscription that is renewed once a month, at a monthly rate displayed on the online registration page. A monthly subscriber can terminate the subscription at any time if he / she sends a notice of his / her wish to do so 72 hours before the next billing date (hereinafter, “date of the termination notice” and the “billing date”, respectively). If the user / subscriber requests the cancellation of a subscription after the billing date had passed, then he / she will be charged for an additional full month and will be able to continue using the Website’s services until the next billing day. It is hereby made clear and emphasized that in any case of termination of a subscription, there will be no refund or credit.

Annual Subscription

The user can register at the online registration page and purchase a renewable subscription each year at the cost displayed on the online registration page. An annual subscription can only be frozen. Registration can be frozen by sending an email to office@ornapizanty.com

Product’s Delivery

The Website management will ensure the delivery of the service or product purchased on the Website, to the email address submitted by the user at the time of registration and / or order, by sending the content for direct viewing and by adding the user to a direct mailing group (by email) and by addressing messages to the user’s mobile phone.

Transaction’s Cancellation

Cancellation of a transaction by the user may only be done in accordance with applicable law and regulations which, according to Israeli law, including the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981, noting that the product and / or service sold / conveyed is “information” As defined in the Israeli Computers’ Law, 5755-1995 (hereinafter: the “Computers’ Law”). In light of the foregoing, it will not be possible to cancel a purchase, which was made through the Website, after receiving the service and / or product by the user.

It is also made clear herein that, due to the fact that the service and / or product constitutes “information” as defined in the computers’ law, there will be no refund or credit provided the user as a result of a purchaser’s change of heart or mind, nor will there be a refund or credit provided for subscription periods during which the purchaser did not use the service and / or product, or due to an inadvertent purchase, late subscription cancellation, medical condition or a similar reason or event. However, if you are not satisfied, for any reason, with any of our products or services, please contact our customer service.

The Website’s management reserves the right to cancel an order and / or a transaction made by the user, at its discretion, including, but not limited to, in any of the following cases: In any case that an action has been taken in contravention to the Terms and Conditions herein. In any case where the details of the means of payment and / or the full details of the one presenting the information have not been submitted, in whole or in part, as required. In any case where the Website management is unable to provide the product and / or service due to “force majeure” (as this expression is understood by applicable law). And, without violating the comprehensiveness of the above, in case of war, hostilities, emergencies and natural disasters or due to communication malfunctions, including but not limited to, computer malfunctions, cyber-attacks, network or telephone systems’ malfunctions, or due to labor sanctions and / or shutdowns and / or strikes affecting the provision of various services in the economy or of various municipal or governmental authorities, and for any reason beyond the control of the Website management which will prevent the provision of services and / or products as agreed between the parties to a relevant purchase. In any event where the user seek to or does harm the Website’s management and / or anyone acting on the management’s behalf and / or the proper operation of the Website and / or a third party related to the operation of the Website and / or the provision of services to any user, the Website’s management will not be held liable or responsible towards a third party, including, but not limited for damage caused due to the purchase of the product and / or service by a third party, or following the cancellation of an order and / or transaction by the user. It is hereby made clear herein and emphasized that it is not possible to receive a monetary credit and / or a refund for a product or service that was given as a gift.

Intellectual Property and Copyrights

The copyrights and intellectual property of, affecting or related to the Website, the services, products and content displayed thereon and provided to the subscriber are the property of the Website’s owners or of third parties who have given the Website’s owners and / or operators permission to use them by the Website and its related services. Included therewith, and without any derogation from the foregoing general assertions and representations, the Website’s owner is the sole owner of the Website’s names, trademarks, patents and designs, whether those are registered or unregistered, and of the trade secrets involved in operating the Website and the enterprise stemming therefrom, including provision of related services and the displaying the content, including, the Website’s name, its domain name, logo and the Website’s design, as well as its content (whether written, displayed visually or otherwise), the technological information involved in its operation, including but not limited to, software, applications, graphic files and materials, digital products, including, e-books, downloadable PDF files, information and online content, videos, images and any other contents, computer codes, texts and / or any other materials contained therein. The information is intended for the use by individual users, to be done by obtaining a personal password and / or code for personal use only, and such usage rights and privileges may not be transferred on to any other person or entity.

Do not transfer, copy, distribute, reproduce, publicly display, or disclose to any unauthorized third party the information (as set forth above) and / or any part thereof. Do not modify, convey, transmit, sell, distribute or make any commercial use of said information and / or any part thereof, by any means whatsoever, whether by electronic, computerized, mechanical, optical, photographic or recording means, or by any other means, except when done with the express prior written permission of its owners.

All intellectual property rights and copyrights related in any form or manner to the Website belong to the Website’s owner. Any violator of these rights would be subjected to the imposition of monetary sanctions, set by applicable law, without the need to prove damages.

The intention of the Website’s management is that the Website and its services will be available at all times. however, the Website’s management is not able to guarantee uninterrupted availability without any glitches. In addition, the Website’s management   may, from time to time, halt using the Website for the purposes of its maintenance, upgrade, renewal or re-organization or restructuring. It is hereby made clear herein that, no monetary compensation and / or credit will be given due to malfunctions or interruptions in the service. The Website does not guarantee that the services will be uninterrupted, that such services will be provided without any interruptions will be provided safely and without errors, and that they will be immune to unauthorized access to the Website or from the occurrence of harm or damage thereto, or from any breakdowns, malfunctions or failures of hardware, software, or of lines of and communication systems.

The Website’s management is not responsible for the content of ads, “banners” or any advertising material on the Website. The responsibility for those lies solely with the advertisers.

The user undertakes to release the Website, its management and owners utterly, completely and irrevocably of any liability for any damage, loss and / or expense of any kind and type, caused or that may be caused to the user and those related to him, directly or indirectly, which is related to the contents at the Website and that he / she fully and irrevocably foregoes any claim or demand towards the Website, its management and owners in relation to such contents.

The presence of links (“Links”) to other Websites does not guarantee that any contents would actually be found at those websites, nor that such contents will be reliable, nor do they guarantee such contents’ integrity or suitability for their expected purpose or use.

The provision of services by the Website is related, among other things, to third parties (including users).  Accordingly, the Website’s management, its owners and operators are not responsible for any act and / or omission of third parties and will not be held accountable for any damage and / or loss and / or expense caused to the user and / or third party, as a result.  The Website its management and owners are not responsible for the availability of the services by such third parties and / or the contents, form, reliability, trustworthiness and accuracy of such content, as defined above in these Terms and Conditions, including not being held accountable or responsible for the violation of any intellectual property rights, including any trademarks and / or trade secrets.

The user acknowledges and undertakes that he / she will not sell or provide products or services that he / she purchased from the Website to any third party.

Liability and Indemnification

The user is fully responsible for his / her use of the Website. The user will not have any claims and / or demands towards the Website’s management, its owners or anyone acting in their behalf (jointly or severally) in relation to the Website, the services provided by it and / or its contents and / or the products provided through it. Without diminishing in any way from the comprehensiveness of the aforesaid, the Website’s management and / or anyone acting in its behalf will not bear any responsibility whatsoever for user’s contents, including use made by third parties (if any). The Website’s management and / or anyone in its behalf will not bear any responsibility or liability for the Website’s contents and / or their use and / or any reliance thereon, and it strongly recommends to each of the Website’s users to secure a recommendation from a suitable doctor before making any use thereof and its contents. It is made clear herein, for the avoidance of doubt, that the contents of the Website do not constitute a substitute for medical advice and / or treatment where they are required and their actual use is the sole responsibility of the user.

The Website’s management does not undertake to ensure the availability of the Website, whether online or otherwise, and / or the availability of the Website’s contents and / or the Website’s services. It is made clear herein that the Website, its contents and the services offered within its framework, are not immune from intrusion and / or unauthorized access (e.g., hostile and / or criminal access) to the Website management’s servers and / or other computers and / or to damages, malware, breakdowns, malfunctions or failures, whether in hardware, software, or its communication systems or lines, or with the Website management and / or its suppliers.  None of the foregoing could be a cause for the imposition of any actionable responsibility or liability on the Website’s management, owners and / or anyone acting in their behalf and / or establish any legal right or cause in any of the users.

Any of the Website’s users undertakes to indemnify the Website’s management and / or anyone in its behalf for any damage, loss, loss of profit, payment and / or expense caused it, including attorney’s fees and legal expenses, due to any violation of the within Terms and Conditions, or other applicable and relevant law or regulations. In addition, such user will compensate and indemnify the Website’s management and / or anyone in its behalf for any claim or demand raised against them by any third party as a result of any use such user has made, in any way, of the Website’s services.

The Website’s management and / or anyone in its behalf is and will be taking precautionary measures in order to protect the confidentiality of the information in its possession as much as possible. The user’s personal details will be stored in the Website management’s database.

The Website is a secure site and users’ information entered thereon will remain confidential and secure. To that end, the Website management uses data encryption, using the HTTPS standard in order to encrypt such information from the moment it is entered into the system by the user.

Clearance of Credit Card Data Is Done by Cardcom PayPal. The Website’s management does not use the information provided to it through the Website by the user, except for the transfer of data concerning the means of payment, as may be required for the approval and execution of the transaction or its completion by the relevant credit company, etc., and except for the use by the Website’s management and / or anyone on its behalf, in order to monitor a user’s progress in carrying out the training plan and accomplishing the purposes for which the Website was established, all in accordance with the agreement between/among the parties.

By registering with the Website and by using it, including browsing its displayed contents, and contents received as a result of its use, whether by downloading the same, or their receipt by email or otherwise, the user authorizes the Website management to store information about him / her, including personal data provided with his / her express consent, for the purpose of monitoring his / her progress and in striving to achieve his / her goals, and in order to improve the operations and contents provided to the users. No other use of the same information will be made.

The Website’s management does not make any use of the means of payment’s data provided by a Website user, nor does or would it store such data in a database nor does or would it transfer such data to any third party, except for the purpose of receiving payment solely in order to complete any purchase made by a given user.

In order to remove any doubt, the credit card data of users who would use, or perform any operations on, the Website are not stored by the Website’s management since the credit cards are cleared through a third party. As stated, it is recommended to visit the Websites of the companies (a third party) and be updated from time to time about their privacy policy and information security.

It is made clear herein that, performing operations on the Website in an online environment does not allow the Website management complete immunity from intrusion into its existing computer system (including its servers) and / or the prevention of disclosure of information in its possession, by illegal or unauthorized operators, and therefore, if any third party would illegally access any of the information that is stored by the Website operators and / or misused the same, no user will have any claim and / or demand towards the Website’s management or anyone operating in its behalf. Moreover, in a case arising from force majeure, the Website’s management will not be responsible for any damage and / or injury of any kind, direct and / or indirect, which may be caused to the user and / or anyone acting in his behalf, in the event that any information provided by the user through the Website would be lost and / or reach any other party, who might use it impermissibly.

The Website’s management emphasizes that, when using the Website, information will be collected about the Internet pages, products and / or items and / or ads and / or content presented to the user and / or whoever uses the Website. Likewise, data about the length of time a user had spent at the Website and the actions he / she had performed there. The Website’s management may consequently store such information and use it for its own purposes, including for the purpose of producing and analyzing statistical information, subject to the limitations set by these Terms and Conditions and the provisions of any applicable law. The Website’s management may provide such statistical data to third parties, as long as the data provided in such fashion does not relate to the user personally nor enable his individual identification.

The Website’s management reserves the right to disclose the user’s details (if known to it) in cases where the user has committed an act or omission, which harms and / or may harm the Website’s management and / or anyone acting in its behalf and / or third parties and / or the user has used the Website’s services for committing an illegal act and / or if the Website management has received a court order, instructing it to provide the user’s details to any third party as well as in relation to any dispute between the user and the Website’s management and / or due to legal proceedings.

Receiving Personal Information from the User

The user declares and confirms that he / she owns the magnetic media that he / she would transmit to the Website. In any case where a user will transmit or has provided to the Website (and / or its owner) personal information about him / her, raw materials and / or images and / or films on magnetic media and / or any materials in any other form, it is made clear herein and agreed that the information, raw material and / or media will remain with the Website management and / or owners even after the product or service has been provided to the user and after the use of the Website and / or the service provided to the user may have been terminated by the user (or otherwise) and such will become the property of the Website management. It is agreed and declared that the Website management may, at its sole discretion, make any use of information, raw materials and / or media transmitted by the user to the Website (whether for consideration or not) for transfer to a third party and / or for publication either by itself or by others, unless otherwise agreed with the user but subject to limits set by law of the within Terms and Conditions.

The user is solely responsible for the accuracy and legality of the information (and the manner by which it was obtained) which he / she publishes at or transmits through the Website. The Website’s management does not accept any responsibility for any content published or transmitted between or among users or subscribers (even when use of the Website is / or was made). Marketing mail, including content, messages and reminders by email, text messages, etc., will be sent to users and subscribers subject to the user’s express consent when signing up at the Website and / or when a purchase is made by him / her, all in accordance with applicable law. The user may, at any time, request an update of information related to him / her, or correction and / or the deletion of the information he has provided through the Website. Such request must be sent in writing to the Website’s customer service.

The management of the Website may, from time, to time change the within Terms and Conditions as well as its privacy policy, without the need to give prior notice to users, subscribers or anyone else.

Law and Jurisdiction

The Website and its Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Israeli law and the sole and exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute related directly or indirectly to the within Terms and Conditions (as may be amended or altered from time to time) and / or to the use of the Website and / or its Terms and Conditions will be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the Israeli courts, more specifically, the District Court of Haifa, which will have original jurisdiction over any cause of action arising from any dispute whatsoever due to the within Terms and Conditions and the Website at issue herein or any event or activity that relates thereto. Any judicial resolution may be enforced by authorized law enforcement agencies of the State of Israel (including it municipal and other governmental authorities).

Customer Service

For details and inquiries regarding the products or services or any activity of the Website, please contact our Customer Support.

Please note that the Website’s management may send a reminder to the user about seven (7) days prior to the end of an annual subscription period, informing the subscriber that the subscription is about to be renewed automatically at the end of the subscription period. None of that which is stated above constitutes an undertaking by the Website management to do so, and it may, at its sole discretion, opt to avoid such renewal. Otherwise, the renewal of an annual subscription is automatic and its timely termination, as it comes due, is the sole responsibility of the user (subscriber) who does not have and will not have any claim and / or demand and / or causes of action against the Website management in such regard.

With the purchase of the program called “Softness, the Strength of Physiotherapy and Feldenkrais Combined Program” access to it will be provided, as long as the payment for the subscription is made as required.

How do I unsubscribe?


If you subscribed through the Website, enter your personal area and click on the “Cancel” button.

If you purchased the subscription through the Website itself at the Google Store, click on the support center button and follow the instructions specific to your device.