SOFTNESS: The Power of Physical Therapy and Feldenkrais combined

The program is especially suitable for those who want to feel at home inside their very own body, enjoy its functioning – not suffer paralyzing pain while engaging in everyday activities.

This program is for those who desire to maintain their body’s vigor and flowing mobility, nurture it.  It is also suited for those who suffer from pain and who want to eliminate it.

“People assume that their physical condition is pre-destined, that it is an inevitable consequence of their aging. The remarkable ability to regenerate oneself together with one’s body, gently done, can be reawakened at any age. To move energetically, with vitality and flexibly, to restore bodily strengths and abilities which have seemingly disappeared over the long years, effortlessly and without torment, is an act of self-love coupled with pure pleasure. It feels light, pleasant and liberating including relief from limitations and pain.”

Orna Pizanty

When was the last time you felt at home inside your own body? When I am talking about feeling at home, I mean to be able to relax within it, to enjoy it, to sit back and unwind on the inside.

When was the last time you felt comfortable sleeping in any position, comfortable sitting for hours in your office chair, in your car seat, while sitting in a plane seat, comfortably standing at the stovetop and cooking for your children and grandchildren, having fun walking? It all starts with a soft, wise, precise release of all the stiffnesses the body grips, holds on to.

The program will:

  1. Allow you to develop a pleasant routine, while softly practicing at the comfort of your own home.
  2. Gradually modify those movement habits that have wrought wear and tear, strain and pain into your daily life.
  3. Allow you to return and enjoy a whole world of supple, painless, liberated and pleasant movements.

Such practice will bring a sense of rejuvenation and blossoming in its wake.


A program that combines the power of Physical Therapy (administered by the one practicing it) and the SOFTNESS of Feldenkrais
*Feldenkrais method is an exercise therapy designed to maximize mobility capability.

The program will get your body back on track of healthy and restorative movement. It is soft and liberating, a process that will revitalize you and will take you many years, even decades, back in time, as far as your bodily sensations are concerned. The program will stop the process of deterioration and wear and tear of the body, which develops over the years. It will gradually reduce and eliminate pain, movement limitations and harmful movement habits.

Looking for a Solution for a Particular Pain of Which Your Body Suffers?

It is important to know that the Softness Method does not focus on treating a specifically painful area of the body.  Quite to the contrary.

This is because pain on one side of the body can affect the other side, even from one end of the body to its other. The bodily movements the program prescribes are designed to release the body as a whole.

Especially those areas that are not in any pain, that nevertheless significantly affect the manifestation of pain (even if remotely).

How Does the Softness Method Work; Also, Why Is It Practiced Softly?

As children we were soft and therefore pain-free, as well. Gradually, over the years and due to lack of creative movement (movement that activates the whole body, in very diverse ways), the body has become progressively stiffer and constricted.  Over the years such rigidity transforms into pain.  At present, in order to rid itself of the pain, the body must, first of all, eliminate the stiffness.  Try to remember what it was like to move softly when you were younger.

Here are a few examples of what made us become rigid and shrunken:

1. When we are worried and / or anxious, we tend to lift our shoulders time and again until we eventually leave them up there.
2. When we are scared or sad, our breathing becomes shallow and gradually our chest stiffens.
3. When we became sedentary, be it at a desk or in the car, where we would consequently spend most of our waking hours.

How Does the Softness Method Differ from all other Physical Movements and Treatment methods?

All other methods which are aimed at securing pain relief have no practical instruction for handling the body softly. The Softness Method allows us to apply softness and gradually make it part of who we are, as we were in our childhood; thus, we restore the fountain of youth in our lives.


Soft Practice from Home in Your Pajamas Allows You To:

You Should Also Know That

What Awaits You if You'd Use the Program?

Each Week You’d Only Be Able to Watch the Contents of That Particular Week.

Such contents would alter weekly, and progressively proceed until the 12th month ends. At that juncture, the program would revert to its starting point, and the instructions would be progressively shown to you again, ad infinitum.

During the first month you will become familiar with the basic movements entailed.

During the second month you will get to know certain circular movements, and learn about their importance for freeing all your joints.

During the third month you will be familiarized with the legs, in order to extend (without stretch) the entire back, and from there the entire body.

During the fourth month you will extend your hands to free the shoulder girdle, and from there the entire body.

During the fifth month you will perfect your ability to lie on your stomachs in order to release your entire back, and from there the entire body.

During the sixth month you will refine the exercise of ‘standing on six‘, designed to loosen the shoulder girdle, and from there the entire body.

During the seventh month you will roll from side to side on a mattress, or in bed, transferring your weight, left to right and back, in order to release the entire body from movement limitations and pain.

During the eighth month you will perfect your ability to benefit from sitting on a chair, so as to free yourself from movement limitations and pain, when you are sitting anyway, as opposed to suffering from it.

During the ninth month you will improve your bodily functioning while improving your ability to sit on the ground, on a cushion or on a mattress since it, too, is an essential ability.

During the tenth month you will play the game ‘weights and drops’ (lifting a hand slightly of the mat, holding, then dropping it) which is designed to practice conscious elimination of holding on to unhealthy patterns and to constrictions.

During the eleventh month, the month of special sessions, you will become familiar with a groundbreaking practice directed towards achieving relief from pain and movement limitations.

During the twelfth month you will improve your ability to stand (almost) on your head (without placing pressure on the head & neck), since only when the body is truly relaxed and free of rigidity would one’s posture become perfect – it is, indeed, possible to get there.

It is true that each month focuses on different postures/movements, since the goal is to loosen the body from a different angle each time.  It is not possible to know what particular instruction would be that which would bring you the relief sought. This is an in-depth process where, approached from various directions, gradually the ever so vital relief, needed like water to parched soil, is generated.

A look at one of the program classes



  1. This program is for those who suffer from pain and who want to eliminate it.
  2. It is also suited for those who desire to maintain their body’s vigor and flowing mobility and nurture it.
  3. Allow you to develop a pleasant routine, while softly practicing at the comfort of your home.
  4. Gradually modify those movement habits that have wrought wear and tear, strain and pain into your daily life.
  5. Allow you to return and enjoy a whole world of supple, painless, liberated and pleasant movements.
  6. An opportunity awaits you here for a soft yet pleasant ‘root canal’ treatment of deep causes of pain, movement limitations, posture problems, imbalance, low quality sleep and the lack of both ease and agility of movement.
  7. Three practice sessions every week, for an indefinite period of time, lasting 15-20 minutes each
  8. As a monthly subscriber you can terminate the subscription at any time 72 hours before the next billing date.

We Were Endorsed

Hava Gurevitz of Queensland Australia

On the Path to Freedom For 52 years I suffered from excruciating back pain and smiled. Today I know I did not really fool anyone. Even my grandson had told his mother, “What does Grandma have? Suddenly she’s really laughing at my jokes!” When it does not hurt, life looks different. And you can laugh. I followed Orna for a while before deciding that I must try her plan. Today I already know how to overcome the pains when they come. And they come less and less. I am more relaxed, calmer and smiling. I already see and feel that I am on the path to freedom. Releasing pain and changing your mood – there is nothing better than that.”

Ada Medek of Queensland Australia

Hit the Nail on the Head “For many years I suffered from back and neck aches due to injuries I had when I was much younger. I met Orna through the internet, and I watched the first video, the one with her famous ‘banana’ move. Right away I felt that this is going to do me good. I felt that some of the pain was alleviated. By the time I repeated it three times during a two days period, I thought: ‘YES! It’s working. Orna is the person I’d like to sign up with.’ I must say that It made my whole body feel really good “I do quite a bit of kayaking, and I do some of Orna’s movements while I kayak. That helped me increase my kayaking time from 15 minutes to over an hour and a half each time, without experiencing any pain. I exercise the movements she teaches not only on the mattress, but also while I work at the computer. I even sometimes use it at dinner time, if I’m a bit sore. “Of all the different ways I tried to relieve my back pain, Orna really hit the nail on the head. I think you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, if you sign up with her program. I really think that the only thing you can lose if you sign up is your pain, because it’s just magic. Thank you Orna!”

Rotem Avraham

I’ve Changed My Habits and, Consequently, the Pain Is Gone “I came to Orna because of the crazy pain I’d suffered when, time and again, my back became strained so very badly. I know I was afraid I might be making a mistake but Orna has x-ray eyes so she knows how to ameliorate such problems without even seeing us. The soft approach she promotes safeguards me. I’ve changed my habits and, consequently, the pain is gone! I highly recommend her.”

Risk - free Guarantee and personal promise

I truly believe that during your first month in the program, you will start already to experience improvements regarding ease, agility and comfort of movement; posture, sleep quality and, of course, decrease in pain (if any there is).
If during the first month in the program, you feel that you received no real value and that it was not the best investment you have made in your body, you would be able to unsubscribe and leave the program without any questions or conditions.
As stated in the Terms and Conditions of Use of this Internet Website
As a monthly subscriber you can terminate the subscription at any time 72 hours before the next billing date. For more details click here


You’d look at the screen every time you are not sure that you are practicing correctly; You are also practicing each session at least twice (preferably day after day), so that gradually everything would become rather clear to you, as it has already become clear to thousands of the program’s participants over the 10 years it is in existence.
In most cases the body is actually granted a pleasant experience, of a soft and liberating form of physical routines. The body feels, at the end of a routine, a rare sense of relaxation, deep calm, ease of movement and a relaxed posture. If there was pain before a session, in many cases it’d have diminished by its end, even disappear. Gradually, such pain would diminish or disappear for growing lengths of time. Sometimes the feeling is that of a ‘sweet fatigue’: One’s body lets go of all the accumulated tension and pain it had brought with it; thanks to the routine practiced, the body becomes markedly tired. It is right in such a situation to listen to it and continue to rest on the mattress, or in bed.
As long as you have not asked to leave and continue to pay the monthly fee, contents will be sent to you indefinitely.
Until you learn to change your deep-seeded movement habits by yourself, it will only be a matter of time before such habits are reinstated – even after surgery, as good as it may be. Why? It is however most likely that practicing the routines in the program would free you from the need for surgery. Imagine that!
Precisely for those who have already tried “just about everything”, the program may will be the last one yet best suited solution for your needs, one which would allow you to start curing yourself, put out the fires of pain, emerging from slavery – hanging on to some other person (doctor or therapist) or other external remedies (medication, injections, surgeries) to freedom – where you become empowered to liberate yourself from pain and physical limitations.
Those who stop exercising and are often afraid of moving altogether, may actually find themselves in greater pain than previously. A joint that lacks movement atrophies. Petrifies. Becomes stiff. Such a joint would then produce more and more bodily pain. Your lesson in life is to learn to move without hurting or at least without increasing bodily pain. As the practice becomes an integral part of your life, and as it becomes more and more accurate for you, pain would decrease and may even disappear.

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