"YES it’s working!"

Ada Medek from Queensland Australiashares

I suffered for many years from back and neck aches due to injuries I did when I was much younger. I met Orna through the internet, when I looked at one of her first little movies, which demonstrated her famous ‘banana’ move. I straight away felt that this is going to do me good, as I felt that some of the pain was relived. By the time I’ve done that 3 times over a couple of days, I thought: ‘YES it’s working’, Orna is the person I would like to sign up with. I signed for the program, and I have to say that It made my whole body feel really good. I do quite a bit of kayaking, and I do some of Orna's movements while I kayak, that helped me to increase my kayaking time from 15 minutes to over an hour and a half without any pain. I use it not only on the mattress, but also while I work at the computer, I even sometimes use the movements at dinner time if I’m a bit sore. Of all the different ways I tried to relieve my back pain, Orna's system really hit the nail on the head. I really think the only thing you can lose if you sign up for Orna's program is your pain, because it’s just magic. Thank you Orna!
"I have suffered from back pain that had started to occur more and more frequently, until the pain settled in and was present all the time. It was a nightmare! Today, five months later, this [the Softness program] is my therapy. my back is so grateful and I am relieved of pain". Orly Eliyahu, pastry chef.
Orly Eliyahu, pastry chef.
"I know today how to relieve such pain all by myself: It starts hurting, then I do a [Softness Method's] routine and it just goes away. I learned to be familiar with my body and adapt the exercises to the nature of a particular pain I'd experience. I am very comfortable practicing from home; I feel younger after every exercise :)" Rina Edelstein, 91 years old
Rina Edelstein
"At first I was not that excited [about the Softness Method]. I was sure I'd have to leave the house [to go practice] and I was very, very busy. However, when I'd realized that it was done at home, I signed up that evening. When I wake up feeling pain, I know right away what to do so that the pain does not stay with me all day long. I'm happy. I highly recommend signing up [with the program]. There is, literally, nothing else like it". Anat Bar Ilan
Anat Bar Ilan
"My shoulders simply could not hold my head; it was terrible. I tried acupuncture and shiatsu, reflexology and alternative healing, even took pills. nothing made any significant difference. since [I started practicing according to the Softness Method] no trace of pain is left, and, to this very day, I practice the Softness Method the same way that I eat and brush my teeth – in my pajamas! And, most Importantly, I went back to playing [the accordion] !!" Tovah Artzi, accordionist
Tovah Artzi, accordionist
"I was amazed by the minute movements that have helped me so much. It's magic. I had no faith [in the Softness Method] but within a week-time of starting I recovered from a back attack [so painful] that is hard to describe. I was captivated by the magic. No words". Yaron Doron.
Yaron Doron
"The greatest gift you can give yourself and your loved ones is to enter the Softness Method practice in your pajamas. The only thing you can lose is your back pain." A. M.
For 52 years she pretended not to hurt and smiled and laughed. The more it had hurt the more she laughed. Now, however, she knows that she'd fooled nobody. Even her grandson told his mother that Grandma had changed, suddenly she was laughing at his jokes. Why? Because when it does not hurt, life looks different, and you can laugh. Hava Gurevitz, Queensland Australia
Hava Gurevitz, Queensland Australia
"For a very long time I tried to rid myself of my shoulder pain but nothing had helped; moreover, it was very expensive. I decided to look for an alternative approach [to conventional medicine]. Soon thereafter I subscribed [to the Softness Method] and I was really relieved, and it took place during the first week already. I now felt that it was in my hands. For me, it was a great relief." Liora Baruch from Galilee, Israel
Liora Baruch from Galilee, Israel
"The pain has dropped significantly, the improvement is really great. I already know what to do in case it hurts, I am no longer helpless. I used to lie in bed and wait for the pain to go away. Today, I 'dance' with my back." Ruth Ventura, painter and creative development expert
Ruth Ventura, painter and creative development expert