Days 1-3

Very Important! Critical to Pain Relief!

The practice is soft, compassionate, rooted in love.
It is strictly impermissible to stretch, strain and cause oneself pain (if pain is already present, it is very important not to exacerbate it)

Technical Instructions:

  • Minimum thickness of the practice mat: 3-4 cm. 
  • Mat’s width: as wide as possible.
  • Mat’s hardness: as hard as possible but still comfortable.
  • Pillow: A soft folded towel with a thickness that keeps the forehead and chin parallel to the floor

More Technical Stuff:

  • At any given moment you can watch the current lesson, the previous lesson and the next one.
  • Every third day one lesson changes. 
  • It is recommended to practice each lesson twice (preferably during two consecutive days) before moving on to the next one

May It Be a Great Pleasure