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to make love with your body (not what you think)

Perception vs. Utilization 

The way we perceive an exercise greatly affects the chances that we would utilize it over time. That is why I want to delineate here my articles of faith, which might assist you as you read this composition:

When you decide it is time to sign up for one gym program or another, because the doctor told you to, or because a good friend recommended, I would not be surprised at all if, in your heart, you probably think of it as a certain kind of burden: “Do I have to get out of the house? Make an effort?  Make time?”  Ugh!

Akin to Making Love 

Soft practice, using the Softness Method, it is like making love. When it is done softly, it opens both the heart as well as the body; it makes the body feel more relaxed, more beautiful in our own eyes, it softens facial expression lines and it makes our skin glow.

When we practice abandoning the cultural attitude on which we grew up, which says that good practice should be forceful and strenuous; when one learns to break free from such power patterns and practice softly, compassionately and lovingly, we then become acquainted with a feeling we may have known only when we were children, having felt a new and unfamiliar sense of relaxation.

Habitual Grip

From one movement to the next, from one rest session to another, the body releases its habitual grip (of which we were not at all aware until the moment it diminishes and even disappears) and bodily movement becomes more and more aesthetic, as these movements are done gracefully and effortlessly.

an Act of Love 

At the end such practice is an act of love with the body, a new-old body gets off the mattress. A body you haven’t met in a very long time (maybe decades).

A body that you’d love more, that you’d feel more comfortable with, more at home with. It’d hold itself with a more beautiful posture, with ease of movement that you have already forgotten how it actually feels, with better balance and with less and less pain.

The feelings gradually attained from such a healing body will make you feel alive, vital, light and agile as you move; it’ll especially make you feel so much younger.

Everyone deserves to find himself a short period of time a day to “make love with his or her body,” to feel his new-old body awakening.

I invite you, with love, to take a peek at the Softness, the Strength of Physiotherapy and Feldenkrais Combined program, designed for individuals who want to nurture their body as an act of self-love.

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