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Ma’am, Your Body Atrophy Is Age-Related

Ma’Am, You Have Age Correlated Atrophy!

“Ma’am, you have age correlated atrophy and pain,” said the doctor to a dear student of mine, with whom I spoke this morning. She told me that and I started laughing. Could someone please explain to me what is ‘age-correlated atrophy and pain’? Is it like being overweight which (purportedly) corresponds to how much one eats? Or is it like an overdrawn bank account that matches the way we conduct ourselves financially?


Is It Really Age Appropriate? 

Who determined what is appropriate for a given age? and who has decided that it is appropriate for old people to suffer degenerative effects, or be sore, heavy, weak?

I want to ask you: how would you feel if you were told that you have ‘age-appropriate’ degeneration? I, for example, would be really upset if I were told such a thing, if I were placed among the average and told: You are within the normal range (so calm down!) Just learn to live with it.

And if that wouldn’t upset you, too, then I would wonder, where did I go wrong? After all I’m here to show you a different way, I’m here to demonstrate that it is possible to slow down the degeneration process (significantly; at times to the point of halting it) – it is even possible to reverse it!

You can live a high-quality life, well above the average around you, with a body that is vital, alive, young, healthy, strong. Even at very late age.

Age-Related Atrophy

And if it was not clear then let me emphasize: There is no such thing as age-related degeneration. What there is, is degeneration that matches the way one relates to one’s body, or to the way we exercise vs. the way we don’t.

This is exactly what I teach thousands of students in my programs in Israel and around the world.

I’m Getting Older!

Julia, came to me when physical activity – any physical activity – greatly fatigued her. She complained about feeling that she is getting older. For years she hasn’t been hiking. She did not believe that she could ever resume such activity. Going up – or downstairs became practically impossible for her. She gave up dancing years before; she had just given up, with much anguish, cooking for her grandchildren.

The deeper truth

Why do such things happen to so many people? Is it because they are getting older? Getting tired? Getting fat? Seemingly, on the surface, it seems so. But there is a deeper truth in most cases: It is because They lack vital knowledge as to how to maintain the body at such ages, so that it would maintain lightness, flexibility and vitality.

It is precisely this subject to which I have devoted most of my professional life and for which I have developed my Softness, the Strength of Physiotherapy and Feldenkrais Combined program, That is designed to help us reconnect to the body’s natural ability to move energetically, vitally and flexibly. The resulting consequent change is very significant, it restores body and mind powers that have seemingly disappeared over the years.

For me, it is very important to demonstrate to individuals that, in most cases, it is not really a story of age or of a burnout that comes with age. It is most definitely a question of knowledge and relevant practicing. I find it important that we do not lose hope about our body, since it is possible to maintain it healthy and functioning optimally. As a matter of fact, the wheel can be turned back many years, to a significantly younger age. We can restore our freedom to freely roam the world as we did when we were young.


To Remain Young Forever

Countless individuals are searching for a way to maintain their health, to slow down and even stop aging, they desire means that would allow them to voyage around the world, with a young body, forever. They understand, either on your own or with the help of friends, or because the doctor told them, the importance of avoiding bodily deterioration.

However, they do not like to exert themselves, and if they tried to join a fitness class, be it at the local country club or at a community center (and there is nothing in my heart against any method intended for improving fitness), some would drop out of whatever program they had opted for, without any desire to return, due to the entailed exertion or discomfort or even pain  resulting from such exercising. 

All over the world people are looking for a framework that could grant them a sense of home. That would comfortably fit their schedule. But they fail to find such a program.

Regular practice of one sports activity or another says: I am part of a group (even if I practice alone, by myself). I am part of something that is bigger than me, a community of individuals who take care of their health and nurture it. Exercising makes one feel happy, healthy, strong, capable, even loved.

Moreover, research has shown long ago that persons who practice on a regular basis look and feel younger than their age by up to 15 years, which is also reflected in their medical tests.

In a soft practice, using the Softness Method, be it at home, anywhere in the country or the world, we plant a thought in the body – we plant an empowerment! We begin to move slowly, even compassionately the heavy stone wheels of our hardened and wilted body, until these wheels gain momentum and move again as if on their own accord (even if not too fast). 

Contrary to what most of us have been taught to believe, in order to regenerate fitness, to awaken the deteriorated, dormant, eroded body and reawaken its former vitality, there is no need for great efforts or pain. Quite to the contrary. It is necessary to do it gently, compassionately, softly.

Proper and accurate practice of the Softness Method reduces damage caused by overloads and wear both physically and emotionally. It brings about improved posture, nimbleness and agility of movement, equilibrium and, of course, better sleep quality.

All of these can be achieved while maintaining a pleasant routine of soft practice at home, anywhere and anytime in the country and around the world, in practicing my programs.

For a glance at the Softness, the Strength of Physiotherapy and Feldenkrais Combined program, which is designed for individuals who wish to avoid bodily deterioration and to reawaken their former vitality; individuals who wish to take care of their health and nurture it, those Who desire to feel happier, healthier, stronger, more capable, and even more loved – click here.

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